Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which is not answered here, please email us and we will try to answer it.

General questions

Q. What does the product do? 

The PDF Forms Designer is a tool for manipulating PDF forms. It's a client-side application that allows users to graphically add, through a drag and drop mechanism, form fields, free text and images to new, and existing PDF documents.

Q. What do I need to run the PDF Forms Designer

PDF Forms Designer is written in Java and requires Java 1.4.x to be installed on your machine.

It requires some additional Java libraries which are automatically downloaded when run under webstart.

Q. Are you continuing to develop it?


Q. What if I need additional features?

PDF Forms Designer is under active development with regular new features. Please contact us if you require enhancements.

Q. What platforms will it run on?

Because it is written in pure Java it can run on any Operating System where Java is available. It was developed on several platforms.

Q. Where do I go with any further questions?

If you have discovered a bug, fill out our bug report form and let us know. We provide support as a commercial service. You can email us for further details.

Configuration questions

Q. Can I add new fonts to the default list?

Yes, under File -> Font Management. This will bring up a window where you can add new fonts.

Q. Where is the configuration data stored?

The is a file called .properties.xml store in your user directory which is created when the software is first run. This is where the configuration data is stored.